Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pizza Update!

Well that didn't take long.  I took to the internet to find out where I might be able to get a montreal style pizza delivered.  Pizza Nikkos saved the day.  The most important aspect I guess is that the toppings go under the cheese. There is also a pizza dough ball, a round breadstick, keeping the top of the box from touching the cheese.  How clever.... how deliciously clever.

Heres a side view so you can see the toppings under the cheese.  This is an "all dressed" pizza, which is mushroom, green pepper and pepperoni.  It's a popular combo in Montreal.  I wish all dressed came with onions.  

This pizza was really good, and much better than the pizza I had been eating before it.  I wanted to try another  restaurant first, but they didnt deliver.  I'll try that one before too long I hope.  Damn this was good pizza!

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